The 5th International Forum for Omega-3s,

Lipids and Human Health (2018)

More and more research studies show that Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in maintaining human health and that its metabolism in the human body greatly affects the development of a variety of chronic diseases. There are nearly tens of thousands of scientific papers about Omega-3’s published in many internationally-renown journals, as well as presentation of relevant science congresses. The bio-medical researchers in China are also conducting in-depth studies into it. However, currently, Chinese people are still not fully aware of the benefits of Omega-3 to human health. It has been announced that the 14th Congress of International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL 2020) will be held in China. This is undoubtedly helpful for the research and industrial application of lipids in China, and will attract public awareness on the relationship between fatty acids and health.

Therefore, the 5th (2018) International Forum for Omega-3, Lipid and Human Health will be held in Chongqing, China on April 17, 2018 with the aim of boosting the development of nutritional medical research in China, demonstrating the research achievement of Omega-3 in China, guiding people to the correct understanding of Omega-3, strengthening the promotion and application of Omega-3research achievement in the health industry in China, reducing the occurrence of chronic diseases of Chinese people, as well as promoting the overall health of Chinese people and realizing the national development strategy of “Healthy China”.

The conference is co-hosted by China Association for Health Promotion and Education, International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL), International Society for Omega-3 Research (ISOR), Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society and the More Love Foundation.

Please register by March 15th, 2018:

★ Registration fee for official representatives of academic institutions: RMB 600/person (including welcome dinner, catering, conference and materials; excluding accommodation);

★ Registration fee for non-academic institutions: RMB 1,000/person (same as above);

We sincerely invite experts, scholars, business or company representatives from inside and outside of the field to join our forum and showcase your latest scientific research achievements and applications. Here, you can get the most cutting-edge scientific and technological information, find the most suitable business and research partner, get acquainted with the most professional customer base, jointly promote the global development of Omega-3 biotechnology, and contribute to the health of China citizens and all human beings.