April 16th:   

13:00–18:00  Registration

18:00–20:00  Welcome dinner

April 17th:


08:30–10:00 Award Ceremony for the 2nd Global Award for Omega-3 Research

10:00–12:00 Award speeches from the winner and top candidates


Forum on Omega-3 and Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment:

Host:Yang, Yuexin, President, Chinese Nutrition Society;

Kang, Jingxuan, President of ISOR

13:30–17:00 presentation (8 speakers)

Forum on the development of Omega-3 industry:

Host:      Jinming Yu, Vice-secretary, CAHEP;

Tom Brenna, President of ISSFAL

        13:30–17:00 presentation (8 speakers)

20 minutes for each speaker

Closing ceremony

        17:00–17:30 Closing ceremony, group photo

        18:00–19:00 Dinner